13 Ghosts1960USA06-B-D
The Amazing Transparent Man1960USA03-B-C
Assignment: Outer Space1960Italy03-B-C
Atom Age Vampire1960Italy03-B-C
The Avenger1960Germany\/
The Bad Sleep Well1960Japan18-Y-D
Beyond the Time Barrier1960USA18-H-D
Blood and Roses1960France12-O-D
Brides of Dracula1960UK10-L-D
The Cape Canaveral Monsters1960USA04-J-D
Circus of Horrors1960UK13-G-V
The City of the Dead1960UK16-A-D
Colossus and the Amazon Queen1960Italy03-B-C
Eyes Without a Face1960France13-P-A
The Fall of the House of Usher1960USA09-D-D
The Final War1960Japan\/
First Spaceship on Venus1960Germany03-B-C
The Flesh and the Fiends1960UK15-A-D
The Full Treatment1960UK//
The Hand1960UK12-H-D
The Hands of Orlac1960France//
Hercules vs. the Hydra1960Italy10-M-D
The Horrors of Spider Island1960Germany03-B-C
The House in Marsh Road1960UK10-O-D
The Hypnotic Eye1960USA06-P-D
The Last Woman on Earth1960USA03-B-C
The Leech Woman1960USA18-F-D
The Little Shop of Horrors1960USA01-S-D
Macumba Love1960Brazil16-G-D
Mill of the Stone Women1960France15-P-D
The Minotaur1960Italy15-B-D
Peeping Tom1960UK14-M-A
The Phantom of the Operetta1960Mexico\/
The Playgirls and the Vampire1960Italy//
The Private Lives of Adam and Eve1960USA\/
Purple Noon1960France21-C-D
The Ship of Monsters1960Mexico23-K-D
Skeleton of Mrs. Morales1960Mexico01-O-D
Teenage Zombies1960USA02-E-D
The Tell-Tale Heart1960UK01-A-D
The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll1960UK23-E-D
The Vampire and the Ballerina1960Italy14-K-A
Village of the Damned1960UK06-D-D
The Virgin Spring1960Sweden10-H-D
After Mein Kampf1961USA18-T-D
Anatomy of a Psycho1961USA03-B-C
Battle of the Worlds1961Italy03-B-C
The Beast of Yucca Flats1961USA03-B-C
Blood of the Zombie1961USA07-G-D
Creature from the Haunted Sea1961USA03-B-C
The Curse of the Doll People1961Mexico16-L-D
The Curse of Nostradamus1961Mexico17-K-D
The Curse of the Werewolf1961UK06-J-D
Dead Eyes of London1961Germany04-M-D
The Devil's Messenger1961Sweden12-T-D
The Devil's Partner1961USA03-C-C
Dr. Blood's Coffin1961UK07-C-D
Door-to-Door Maniac1961USA11-B-D
Fiend of Dope Island1961USA17-Y-D
The Flight That Disappeared1961USA04-A-D
The Giant of Metropolis1961Italy02-B-D
Goliath and the Vampires1961Italy\/
Hercules and the Captive Women1961Italy03-B-C
Hercules in the Haunted World1961Italy15-Q-D
Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon1961Italy03-B-C
The Innocents1961USA01-G-D
Karate: The Hand of Death1961USA06-J-D
Locura de Terror1961Mexico\/
The Mask1961Canada13-L-A
Mr. Sardonicus1961USA14-T-A
Mother Joan of the Angels1961Poland04-J-D
Mysterious Island1961UK01-P-D
The Naked Witch1961USA//
Night Tide1961USA11-C-D
Nude on the Moon1961USA23-H-D
Opus 51961USA03-B-C
Pagan Island1961USA16-N-D
The Phantom Planet1961USA03-B-C
The Pit and the Pendulum1961USA02-F-D
The Return of Dr. Mabuse1961Germany03-B-C
Ring of Terror1961USA12-H-D
Scream of Fear1961UK21-G-D
The Shadow of the Cat1961UK16-N-D
The Snake Woman1961UK06-G-D
So Evil, So Young1961UK04-I-D
Terror in the Haunted House1961USA13-B-I
The Terror of the Tongs1961USA03-A-C
Through a Glass Darkly1961Sweden//
Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory1961Italy12-G-D
Women Ordered to Love1961Germany05-F-D
The World of Vampires1961Mexico21-G-D
Amphibian Man1962Russia//
Bees Saal Baad1962India21-G-D
The Blood of Nostradamus1962Mexico//
Bloody Vampire1962Mexico01-G-D
The Brain that Wouldn't Die1962USA02-G-D
The Brainiac1962Mexico13-N-A
Burn, Witch, Burn1962UK//
Cape Fear1962USA13-F-V
Captain Clegg1962UK16-D-D
Carnival of Souls1962USA03-B-C
The Carpet of Horrors1962Germany10-R-D
The Couch1962USA16-B-D
Dangerous Charter1962USA03-B-C
Day of the Triffids1962UK13-I-A
The Devil's Hand1962USA03-B-C
The Dungeon of Harrow1962USA01-D-D
Face of Terror1962Spain\/
Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules1962Italy12-T-D
Frankenstein, the Vampire and Company1962Mexico\/
Hand of Death1962USA06-W-D
Hands of a Stranger1962USA12-F-D
The Horrible Dr. Hichcock1962Italy12-B-D
House on Bare Mountain1962USA//
The Inn on the River1962Germany\/
Invasion of the Star Creatures1962USA09-C-D
The Invisible Dr. Mabuse1962Germany\/
Journey to the Seventh Planet1962Denmark15-N-D
King Kong vs. Godzilla1962Japan19-F-D
Knife in the Water1962Poland16-M-D
Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters1962Mexico05-I-D
Maciste in Hell1962Italy06-B-D
Mondo Cane1962Italy16-R-D
The Monsters Demolisher1962Mexico15-M-D
Neutron: The Atomic Superman1962Mexico10-M-D
The Outrageous Baron Munchausen1962Czech Republic06-Y-D
The Phantom of the Opera1962UK06-G-D
Planet of Storms1962Russia\/
Planets Against Us1962Italy23-E-D
Premature Burial1962USA11-B-D
The Sadistic Baron von Klaus1962Spain21-C-D
Samson vs. the Vampire Women1962Mexico02-J-D
Santo vs. the Zombies1962Mexico18-O-D
The Sorcerer's Apprentice1962USA03-B-C
Stark Fear1962USA17-Q-D
Tales of Terror1962USA13-S-A
These Are the Damned1962UK16-L-D
This Is Not a Test1962USA03-B-C
Tower of London1962USA14-C-V
Varan the Unbelievable1962USA10-Q-D
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?1962USA14-N-A
Women of Devil's Island1962Italy03-B-C
13 Frightened Girls1963USA11-I-D
The Birds1963USA14-S-A
The Black Panther of Ratana1963Germany//
Black Sabbath1963Italy10-H-D
Black Zoo1963USA16-B-D
The Blancheville Monster1963Italy17-X-D
Blood Feast1963USA13-T-A
Bring Me the Vampire1963Mexico03-J-D
Challenge to the Devil1963Italy17-K-D
The Comedy of Terrors1963USA11-K-D
Dementia 131963USA13-F-V
The Demon1963Italy05-G-D
Diary of a Madman1963USA16-J-D
Dr. Crippen1963UK\/
Doctor of Doom1963Mexico02-I-D
Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard1963Germany16-P-D
Flaming Creatures1963USA//
The Ghost1963Italy11-A-D
The Girl Who Knew Too Much1963Italy13-J-A
The Haunted Palace1963USA13-G-V
The Haunting1963USA12-I-D
House of the Damned1963USA10-B-D
The Invasion of the Vampires1963Mexico15-M-D
Kiss of the Vampire1963UK21-F-D
Ladybug Ladybug1963USA17-Z-D
The Living Head1963Mexico17-L-D
The Mad Executioners1963Germany18-F-D
The Madmen of Mandoras1963USA03-B-C
The Maniac1963UK18-B-D
Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People1963Japan06-G-D
The Mind Benders1963UK15-K-D
Mondo Cane 21963Italy//
The Old Dark House1963USA14-O-A
The Raven1963USA14-E-V
The Sadist1963USA03-B-C
Samson in the Wax Museum1963Mexico01-D-D
Santo in the Hotel of Death1963Mexico17-R-D
Scum of the Earth1963USA17-C-D
The Secret of the Black Widow1963Germany04-I-D
Shock Corridor1963USA02-I-D
Sin You Sinners1963USA03-M-D
The Slime People1963USA09-G-D
The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle1963Germany12-B-D
The Terror1963USA01-S-D
Thor and the Amazon Women1963Serbia//
Tomb of Torture1963Italy16-T-D
Unearthly Stranger1963UK23-K-D
The Very Edge1963UK18-V-D
Violent Midnight1963USA23-J-D
The Virgin of Nuremberg1963Italy18-R-D
The Whip and the Body1963Italy14-Q-A
Women of the World1963Italy15-K-D
7 Faces of Dr. Lao1964USA03-F-D
2000 Maniacs1964USA10-J-D
At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul1964Brazil18-A-D
The Atomic Brain1964USA03-B-C
The Beautiful, the Bloody and the Bare1964USA16-B-D
The Black Torment1964UK01-B-D
Blood and Black Lace1964Italy14-R-A
Blood Is the Color of Night1964Philippines06-G-D
Castle of Blood1964Italy18-N-D
Castle of the Living Dead1964Italy12-A-D
The Castle of Ortranto1964Czech Republic03-B-C
Cave of the Living Dead1964Serbia06-P-D
The Child Molester1964USA16-E-D
Children of the Damned1964UK04-L-D
The Creeping Terror1964USA05-E-D
The Curse of the Living Corpse1964USA18-E-D
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb1964UK10-T-D
Dark Purpose1964Italy18-B-D
Death on the Fourposter1964Italy18-O-D
Devil of the Desert vs. Son of Hercules1964Italy03-B-C
Devil Doll1964UK13-Q-A
Dr. Orloff's Monster1964Austria04-G-D
The Earth Dies Screaming1964UK17-L-D
The Evil of Frankenstein1964UK04-S-L
The Evil Stairs1964South Korea//
Face of the Screaming Werewolf1964USA16-L-D
Fate Is the Hunter1964USA//
The Flesh Eaters1964USA18-K-D
Frozen Alive1964UK03-B-C
A Game of Crime1964Italy04-N-D
The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre1964USA04-L-D
Godzilla vs. Mothra1964Japan17-O-D
The Gorgon1964UK14-Q-A
Hercules Against the Moonmen1964Italy03-B-C
Honeymoon of Horror1964USA//
The Horror of Party Beach1964USA12-J-D
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte1964USA13-D-V
Hyena of London1964Italy04-M-D
I Eat Your Skin1964USA03-C-C
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?1964USA05-A-X
Kiss Me Quick1964USA//
Lady in a Cage1964USA16-D-D
The Last Man on Earth1964USA03-B-C
The Last Trick1964Czech Republic03-B-C
The Long Hair of Death1964Italy14-P-A
The Masque of the Red Death1964USA11-D-D
Mondo Balordo1964Italy//
Monster of Camp Sunshine1964USA05-J-D
My Tale is Hot1964USA01-I-D
The Mysterious Magician1964Germany\/
The Naked Flame1964Canada//
The Night Walker1964USA15-T-D
The Phantom of Soho1964Germany15-N-D
Primitive Love1964Italy21-F-D
Rome Against Rome1964Italy12-B-D
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians1964USA03-B-C
Seance on a Wet Afternoon1964UK17-F-D
Shock Treatment1964USA10-C-D
Slaughter of the Vampires1964Italy11-B-D
Son of Hercules in the Land of Darkness1964Italy03-B-C
Strait Jacket1964USA14-N-A
The Strangler1964USA\/
A Taste for Women1964France//
Teenage Strangler1964USA10-T-D
Terror in the Crypt1964Italy07-B-D
The Thrill Killers1964USA05-A-X
The Tomb of Ligeia1964UK14-T-A
Vampire of the Opera1964Italy17-V-D
Woman in the Dunes1964Japan14-K-A
Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy1964Mexico//
The 10th Victim1965Italy05-J-D
100 Cries of Terror1965Mexico05-H-D
Adventure at the Center of the Earth1965Mexico//
The Beach Girls and the Monster1965USA//
The Beast That Killed Women1965USA05-J-D
Black Snow1965Japan16-H-D
Blood of the Man Devil1965USA16-K-D
Bloody Pit of Horror1965Italy03-B-C
Color Me Blood Red1965USA16-J-D
Crack in the World1965USA17-N-D
Creature of the Walking Dead1965USA13-H-V
The Curse of the Fly1965UK09-I-D
Curse of the Stone Hand1965Chile18-N-D
Curse of the Voodoo1965USA02-C-D
Day of the Nightmare1965USA07-D-D
The Defilers1965USA//
A Devilish Murder1965South Korea17-F-D
Devils of Darkness1965UK11-D-D
The Diabolical Axe1965Mexico17-K-D
Die! Die! My Darling!1965UK16-O-D
Die, Monster, Die!1965UK10-F-D
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine1965USA17-Q-D
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors1965UK04-J-D
The Embalmer1965Italy03-B-C
Evil Brain from Outer Space1965Japan03-B-C
The Face of Fu Manchu1965UK17-L-D
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!1965USA13-B-I
Fists in the Pocket1965Italy10-L-D
Five Golden Dragons1965UK09-H-D
Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster1965USA01-P-D
Fun in Balloon Land1965USA\/
Gamera: The Giant Monster1965Japan03-B-C
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero1965Japan04-M-D
Hercules and the Princess of Troy1965Italy02-B-D
House of Terrors1965Japan16-F-D
The Human Duplicators1965USA11-H-D
The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin1965Russia\/
Jaws of the Alien1965USA14-I-A
Johann Sebastian Bach1965Czech Republic03-B-C
The Lady of the Lake1965Italy//
Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters1965USA05-A-X
Monster a-Go Go1965USA12-J-D
Monsters Crash the Pajama Party1965USA15-I-D
Mutiny in Outer Space1965USA\/
My Blood Runs Cold1965USA\/
The Naked Prey1965South Africa21-E-D
The Nanny1965UK10-M-D
Night Caller from Outer Space1965UK06-G-D
Night of Violence1965Italy//
Nightmare Castle1965Italy03-B-C
One Shocking Moment1965USA17-N-D
Orgy of the Dead1965USA13-G-V
Portrait in Terror1965Croatia04-K-D
Psycho a Go-Go1965USA18-A-D
Santo vs. the Strangler1965Mexico18-O-D
The Saragossa Manuscript1965Poland16-M-D
The Satan Bug1965USA16-M-D
The Seventh Grave1965Italy21-F-D
She Wolf1965Mexico16-Q-D
The Skull1965UK14-I-A
The Sweet Sound of Death1965Spain17-F-D
Terror Creatures from the Grave1965Italy13-Q-A
The Vampire of Dusseldorf1965France17-E-D
The Vengeance of Lady Morgan1965Italy15-N-D
Village of the Giants1965USA18-O-D
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet1965USA03-B-C
The War Game1965UK12-A-D
War Gods of the Deep1965UK18-N-D
The Wizard of Mars1965USA04-O-B
7 Golden Women Against Agent Double 071966Italy05-D-D
A for Assassin1966Italy15-J-D
The Adventures of Rat Pfink and Boo Boo1966USA05-A-X
Africa Addio1966Italy16-Q-D
An Angel for Satan1966Italy15-T-D
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula1966USA12-I-D
The Black Cat1966USA18-G-D
The Black Klansman1966USA07-B-D
Blood Bath1966USA11-E-D
The Brides of Fu Manchu1966UK01-H-D
But You Were Dead1966Italy18-V-D
Carry on Screaming!1966USA06-U-D
Castle of Evil1966USA//
Chamber of Horrors1966USA01-H-D
Circus of Fear1966UK05-J-D
Curse of the Swamp Creature1966USA10-T-D
Curse of the Vampires1966Philippines11-B-D
The Deadly Bees1966UK15-A-D
Death Curse of Tartu1966USA17-C-D
Destination Inner Space1966USA//
The Diabolical Dr. Z1966Spain08-B-R
Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs1966Italy\/
Dr. Satan1966Mexico15-M-D
Dracula: Prince of Darkness1966UK10-F-D
The Embryo Hunts in Secret1966Japan02-J-D
Eye of the Devil1966UK//
The Face of Another1966Japan18-Z-D
The Frozen Dead1966UK10-P-D
Gamera the Invincible1966USA03-B-C
Gamera vs. Barugon1966Japan03-B-C
The Ghost Goes Gear1966UK12-M-D
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini1966USA17-O-D
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster1966Japan13-H-V
The Golden Bat1966Japan\/
Grave Robbers1966Mexico18-B-D
The Hunchback of Soho1966Germany18-W-D
Island of Terror1966UK03-H-D
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter1966USA13-L-A
Kill, Baby... Kill!1966Italy10-K-D
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill1966Germany16-N-D
Let's Kill Uncle1966UK05-F-D
The Magic Serpent1966Japan15-A-D
Manos: The Hands of Fate1966USA13-S-A
The Murder Clinic1966Italy12-D-D
Naked Evil1966UK\/
The Navy vs. The Night Monsters1966USA03-F-D
Night Train to Mundo Fine1966USA04-L-D
On Her Bed of Roses1966USA16-F-D
Picture Mommy Dead1966USA16-E-D
Plague of the Zombies1966USA13-R-A
Planet of the Female Invaders1966Mexico\/
The Projected Man1966UK16-F-D
The Psychopath1966UK13-S-A
Queen of Blood1966USA18-0-D
Rasputin: The Mad Monk1966UK14-T-A
The Reptile1966UK14-S-A
The Secret of the Urn1966Japan16-U-D
The She Beast1966UK09-F-D
A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine1966USA18-U-D
Sound of Horror1966Spain15-N-D
Sting of Death1966USA10-D-D
Take Me Naked1966USA//
Target for Killing1966USA16-O-D
The Terror Beneath the Sea1966Japan18-B-D
The Third Eye1966Italy18-B-D
The Undertaker and His Pals1966USA03-C-C
The Vulture1966UK18-U-D
War of the Monsters1966Japan03-B-C
Watari, Ninja Boy1966Japan//
The Witch1966Italy17-N-D
The Witches1966UK\/
Zontar: The Thing from Venus1966USA03-B-C
Andromeda Nebula1967Russia//
Blood of the Virgins1967Argentina17-C-D
The Brick Dollhouse1967USA09-J-D
El Camino de los Espantos1967Mexico06-U-D
The College Girl Murders1967Germany//
Creature with the Blue Hand1967Germany//
Creature of Destruction1967USA12-H-D
Date for a Murder1967Italy16-K-D
Deadly Sweet1967Italy//
Devil's Angels1967USA12-K-D
The Devil's Man1967Italy\/
Dr. Faustus1967UK18-I-D
The Empire of Dracula1967Mexico//
The Fearless Vampire Killers1967USA04-S-L
Feast of Flesh1967Argentina01-S-D
Five Golden Dragons1967UK!?
Frankenstein Created Woman1967UK16-R-D
Gallery of Horror1967USA10-R-D
Gamera vs. Gyaos1967Japan03-B-C
The Gruesome Twosome1967USA18-N-D
Hell on Wheels1967USA03-B-C
The Hellcats1967USA03-B-C
Hillbillys in a Haunted House1967USA09-B-D
Historia Naturae1967Czech Republic03-B-C
House of 1000 Dolls1967Spain04-J-D
I Killed Rasputin1967France13-A-I
I, Marquis de Sade1967USA05-F-D
In the Year 28891967USA//
Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands1967Japan//
Island of the Burning Doomed1967UK14-K-A
Island of the Dinosaurs1967Mexico\/
Island of the Lost1967USA\/
King Kong Escapes1967Japan11-D-D
Lusting Hours1967USA21-E-D
Mad Monster Party1967USA16-K-D
Maneater of Hydra1967Germany02-I-D
The Million Eyes of Sumuru1967UK\/
Mission Stardust1967Italy05-B-D
Monster from a Prehistoric Planet1967Japan03-B-C
The Mummy's Shroud1967UK20-A-D
Night Fright1967USA03-B-C
Oedipus Rex1967Italy16-B-D
A Pact with the Devil1967Slovakia//
Pedro Paramo1967Mexico//
The Penthouse1967UK//
Playgirl Killer1967Canada01-I-D
The Public Cemetery Under the Moon1967South Korea//
Quatermass and the Pit1967UK14-M-A
Santo vs. Baron Brakola1967Mexico18-F-D
The Sex Killer1967USA15-J-D
Shanty Tramp1967USA18-I-D
She Freak1967USA04-I-D
The Shuttered Room1967UK01-K-D
The Sorcerers1967UK16-Q-D
The Spirit Is Willing1967USA10-B-D
A Taste of Blood1967USA21-I-D
Theatre of Death1967UK21-B-D
They Came from Beyond Space1967UK03-B-C
Titicut Follies1967USA14-K-A
The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism1967Germany//
Torture Garden1967USA01-M-D
The Touch of Her Flesh1967USA06-U-D
The Vengeance of Fu Manchu1967Ireland\/
Violated Angels1967Japan\/
Virgin of the Jungle1967Italy\/
Wait Until Dark1967USA18-H-D
The Wild Eye1967Italy//
Wild Rebels1967USA03-B-C
A Witch Without a Broom1967Italy//
World of the Depraved1967USA\/
Yongary, Monster of the Deep1967South Korea18-B-D
Zinda Lash1967Pakistan18-A-D
Angels from Hell1968USA18-E-D
Astro Zombies1968USA//
The Batwoman1968Mexico\/
Behind Locked Doors1968USA//
The Bells of Death1968China04-N-D
Black Jesus1968Italy19-F-D
A Black Veil for Lisa1968Italy16-J-D
The Blood Beast of Terror1968UK05-G-D
The Boston Strangler1968USA10-J-D
Brides of Blood1968Philippines03-J-D
The Bushwhacker1968USA//
Castle of Creeping Flesh1968Germany10-O-D
Chamber of Fear1968Mexico04-H-D
The Chinese Room1968Mexico//
Confessions of a Psycho Cat1968USA17-B-D
The Crimson Cult1968UK17-R-D
Deadly Inheritance1968Italy16-K-D
Death Laid an Egg1968Italy14-P-A
Destroy All Planets1968Japan03-B-C
The Devil Rides Out1968UK13-Q-A
Dr. Satan and the Black Magic1968Mexico15-I-D
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave1968UK12-Q-D
Even the Wind is Afraid1968Mexico05-G-D
Fando and Lis1968Mexico13-J-A
Frankenstein's Bloody Terror1968Spain06-D-D
Gamera vs. Viras1968Japan03-B-C
The Ghastly Ones1968USA01-O-D
The Ghosts of Hanley House1968USA01-D-D
The Glory Stompers1968USA15-D-D
Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell1968Japan//
The Gorilla of Soho1968Germany16-C-D
The Green Slime1968USA03-F-D
The Hand of Night1968UK12-T-D
Hellish Spiders1968Mexico06-M-D
Hell's Chosen Few1968USA//
Hour of the Wolf1968Sweden14-F-V
House of Evil1968Mexico10-B-D
A Hyena in the Safe1968Italy//
In Hot Blood1968USA10-B-D
Joy of Torture1968Japan04-H-D
Just for the Hell of It1968USA10-I-D
The Killer Likes Candy1968Italy18-B-D
Kiss of Death1968Spain21-E-D
Kong Island1968Italy//
Legend of the Poison Seductress: Female Demon Ohyaku1968Japan18-N-D
The Libertine1968Italy12-E-D
The Mad Doctor of Blood Island1968Philippines02-F-D
Mantis in Lace1968USA//
The Mini-Skirt Mob1968USA21-F-D
The Monster of Blackwood Castle1968Germany06-D-D
The Monster and the Stripper1968USA04-F-D
The Name of the Game Is Kill!1968USA15-D-D
Night of the Living Dead1968USA14-G-V
Nocturno 291968Spain04-E-D
Psych Burn1968USA03-B-C
A Quiet Place in the Country1968Italy20-G-D
The Rape of the Vampire1968France18-K-D
Rosemary's Baby1968USA08-A-R
Run, Psycho, Run1968Italy17-H-D
The Satanist1968USA17-D-D
The Savage Seven1968USA10-Q-D
Savages from Hell1968USA18-A-D
She Devils on Wheels1968USA13-A-I
Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch1968Japan04-I-D
The Snow Woman1968Japan10-I-D
Space Thing1968USA23-J-D
Spider Baby1968USA10-O-D
Spirits of the Dead1968France08-B-R
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1968Canada05-E-D
The Sweet Body of Deborah1968Italy17-U-D
Terror in the Jungle1968USA03-B-C
They Saved Hitler's Brain1968USA03-B-C
Too Late Claire, Too Late1968Italy//
Tower of Screaming Virgins1968Germany14-O-A
Twisted Nerve1968UK02-A-D
Two Eyes to Kill1968Italy15-C-D
The Vengeance of She1968UK06-Y-D
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women1968USA03-B-C
War of the Gargantuas1968Japan16-H-D
The Witches Attack1968Mexico18-B-D
Witchfinder General1968UK16-H-D
Yokai Monsters 1: Spook Warfare1968Japan04-J-D
Yokai Monsters 2: 100 Monsters1968Japan15-F-D
The Young, the Evil and the Savage1968Italy//
Zahrada1968Czech Republic03-B-C
99 Women1969Liechtenstein16-H-D
Alice in Acidland1969USA06-A-D
Attack of the Monsters1969Japan03-B-C
The Babysitter1969USA11-E-D
Blind Beast1969Japan16-P-D
The Blonde Connection1969Monaco18-T-D
Blood of Dracula's Castle1969USA16-T-D
Body Fever1969USA18-B-D
The Body Stealers1969UK//
The Book of Stone1969Mexico//
The Castle of Fu Manchu1969Liechtenstein18-Q-D
The Cow1969Iran10-K-D
The Cremator1969Czech Republic//
The Curious Dr. Humpp1969Argentina20-H-D
The Cut-Throats1969USA05-J-D
The Cycle Savages1969USA11-G-D
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting1969USA18-H-D
Daughter of the Mind1969USA04-A-D
De Sade1969USA04-J-D
Django the Bastard1969Italy//
The Doll of Satan1969Italy//
The Door and the Butcher's Wife1969Mexico15-H-D
Double Face1969Italy04-A-D
Dracula, the Dirty Old Man1969USA//
The Erotic Circus1969USA//
Eye of the Cat1969USA17-L-D
Fangs of the Living Dead1969Spain02-C-D
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed1969UK15-C-D
Gamera vs. Guiron1969Japan03-B-C
Gli Angeli del 20001969Italy16-A-D
Godzilla's Revenge1969Japan01-O-D
Grimm's Fairy Tales for Adults1969Germany05-H-D
Hell's Belles1969USA17-C-D
Honeymoon with a Stranger1969USA16-N-D
Horror House1969UK10-E-D
The Horrors of Malformed Men1969Japan09-A-D
The House that Screamed1969Spain03-B-C
I Start Counting1969UK10-G-D
The Illustrated Man1969USA09-E-D
Inferno of Torture1969Japan\/
Invocation of My Demon Brother1969USA04-T-O
Isabella, Duchess of the Devils1969Italy//
It's Alive1969USA\/
Journey into the Unknown1969UK03-B-C
Kiss Me, Monster1969Germany14-M-A
Legend of the Poison Seductress 2: Quick-Draw Okatsu1969Japan//
Love Camp 71969USA15-C-D
The MAd Room1969USA\/
Madame Death1969Mexico\/
Moonshine Love1969USA\/
The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackal1969USA\/
Naked Angels1969USA//
Naked Violence1969Italy//
Night After Night After Night1969UK16-Q-D
Night of the Bloody Apes1969Mexico01-O-D
Night of Bloody Horror1969USA03-B-C
Nightmare in Wax1969USA03-B-C
No Man's Island1969Italy19-I-D
The Nun of Monza1969Italy//
The Oblong Box1969UK14-T-A
Orgies of Edo1969Japan23-H-D
Perversion Story1969Italy//
Psychout for Murder1969Italy//
A Rather Complicated Girl1969Italy18-B-D
Ring of Death1969Italy04-L-D
Santo and Dracula's Treasure1969Mexico12-B-D
Satan's Sadists1969USA16-K-D
School for Unclaimed Girls1969UK//
Scream, Baby, Scream1969USA15-M-D
Seeds of Sin1969USA01-O-D
The Sidehackers1969USA03-B-C
The Sin of Adam and Eve1969Mexico10-Q-D
So Sweet, So Perverse1969France15-R-D
A Time of Roses1969Finland//
Top Sensation1969Italy16-D-D
Treasure of Dracula1969Mexico18-N-D
Two Undercover Angels1969Germany07-I-D
The Ultimate Degenerate1969USA//
The Unnaturals1969Italy//
The Valley of Gwangi1969USA18-Q-D
Las Vampiras1969Mexico17-A-D
Venus in Furs1969UK16-H-D
The Virgin Sacrifice1969USA03-B-C
Wanda the Sadistic Hypnotist1969USA//
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?1969USA13-N-A
The Witchmaker1969USA03-G-D
Yellow: The Cousins1969Italy17-I-D
Yokai Monsters 3: Along with Ghosts1969Japan19-I-D
Zeta One1969UK15-D-D