Dial 11191950USA18-N-D
The Fall of the House of Usher1950UK06-S-D
Golden Salamander1950UK10-G-D
Killer Shark1950USA12-F-D
Prehistoric Women1950USA03-B-C
Stage Fright1950UK11-G-D
Bowanga Bowanga1951USA10-A-D
The Crystal Egg1951USA03-B-C
The Man from Planet X1951USA12-J-D
The Strange Door1951USA14-D-V
The Thing from Another World1951USA13-F-V
Unknown World1951USA03-B-C
When Worlds Collide1951USA19-D-D
Appointment on Mars1952USA03-B-C
The Black Castle1952USA//
Chained for Life1952USA17-V-D
Ghost Ship1952UK06-D-D
The Green Glove1952France15-M-D
Ice from Space1952USA03-B-C
Invasion U.S.A.1952USA20-C-D
Man Bait1952UK11-C-D
Marionettes Inc.1952USA03-B-C
The Sniper1952USA18-U-D
A Stolen Face1952UK12-R-D
Vampire Over London1952UK04-F-D
The White Reindeer1952Finland08-A-R
The Witch1952Finland02-G-D
Zombies of the Stratosphere1952USA\/
4 Sided Triangle1953UK14-J-A
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1953USA16-D-D
Bad Blonde1953UK//
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms1953USA01-C-D
Cat Women of the Moon1953USA13-M-A
City Beneath the Sea1953USA07-G-D
Dance Hall Racket1953USA03-M-D
Donovan's Brain1953USA15-F-D
Dracula in Istanbul1953Turkey05-J-D
Glen or Glenda?1953USA14-A-X
The Hitch-Hiker1953USA11-I-D
House of Wax1953USA11-F-D
Invaders from Mars1953USA12-O-D
Killer Ape1953USA\/
The Maze1953USA12-C-D
Mesa of Lost Women1953USA03-B-C
The Neanderthal Man1953USA08-B-R
Phantom from Space1953USA03-B-C
Planet Outlaws1953USA03-B-C
Robot Monster1953USA03-B-C
Split Second1953USA\/
The Black Rider1954UK//
Crash of Moons1954USA03-B-C
Creature from the Black Lagoon1954USA14-G-V
Devil Girl from Mars1954UK\/
Dial M for Murder1954USA13-F-V
The Golden Mistress1954USA15-I-D
Gorilla at Large1954USA19-F-D
Killers from Space1954USA03-B-C
The Mad Magician1954USA13-L-A
The Monster from the Ocean Floor1954USA18-M-D
Rear Window1954USA13-M-A
Riders to the Stars1954USA15-M-D
The Snow Creature1954USA03-B-C
Target Earth1954USA\/
The Beast with a Million Eyes1955USA19-A-D
Bride of the Monster1955USA14-A-X
The Cheney Vase1955USA03-B-C
Creature with the Atom Brain1955USA10-Q-D
Cult of the Cobra1955USA11-H-D
Female Jungle1955USA\/
Godzilla Raids Again1955Japan11-D-D
King Dinosaur1955USA13-D-V
Night and Fog1955France02-J-D
The Night of the Hunter1955USA09-G-D
The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues1955USA03-B-C
The Quatermass Xperiment1955UK01-I-D
Revenge of the Creature1955USA16-O-D
Swamp Women1955USA03-B-C
This Island Earth1955USA07-E-D
Three Cases of Murder1955UK18-L-D
The Bad Seed1956USA06-J-D
The Beast of Hollow Mountain1956Mexico08-B-R
The Black Sleep1956USA10-A-D
Cannibal Island1956USA12-C-D
The Creature Walks Among Us1956USA17-K-D
Curucu: Beast of the Amazon1956USA16-L-D
Fire Maidens of Outer Space1956USA07-D-D
Francis in the Haunted House1956USA\/
The Gamma People1956UK12-S-D
I, Vampire1956Italy14-O-A
The Indestructible Man1956USA03-B-C
Invasion of the Body Snatchers1956USA09-H-D
It Conquered the World1956USA03-D-D
I've Lived Before1956USA\/
Liane, Jungle Goddess1956Germany\/
Menace from Outer Space1956USA03-B-C
Phantom of the Red House1956Mexico02-E-D
The She-Creature1956USA\/
The Vampire Moth1956Japan\/
Warning from Space1956Japan03-B-C
The Werewolf1956USA06-G-D
The Wild and Wicked1956USA03-B-C
World Without End1956USA21-I-D
X: The Unknown1956UK//
20 Million Miles to Earth1957USA13-E-V
The Abominable Snowman1957UK11-A-D
The Amazing Colossal Man1957USA19-F-D
The Astounding She-Monster1957USA02-C-D
Attack of the Crab Monsters1957USA14-R-A
Back from the Dead1957USA//
Beginning of the End1957USA\/
The Black Scorpion1957USA14-F-V
Blood of Dracula1957USA13-D-V
The Body Snatcher1957Mexico16-P-D
The Brain from Planet Arous1957USA10-F-D
The Cat Girl1957UK17-P-D
The Curse of the Aztec Mummy1957Mexico//
The Curse of Frankenstein1957UK06-J-D
Daughter of Dr. Jekyll1957USA04-K-D
The Disembodied1957USA17-J-D
Final Curtain1957USA04-T-O
From Hell It Came1957USA03-Q-D
The Giant Claw1957USA10-J-D
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein1957USA15-K-D
I Was a Teenage Werewolf1957USA16-M-D
The Incredible Petrified World1957USA03-B-C
The Incredible Shrinking Man1957USA15-K-D
Invasion of the Saucer Men1957USA03-I-D
The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly1957Japan15-C-D
The Land Unknown1957USA12-B-D
The Living Idol1957Mexico18-O-D
The Man Who Turned to Stone1957USA03-A-C
The Man Without a Body1957UK12-J-D
The Monolith Monsters1957USA11-C-D
The Monster that Challenged the World1957USA12-J-D
Monster from Green Hell1957USA12-O-D
The Mysterians1957Japan02-G-D
Night of the Demon1957UK13-K-A
Not of This Earth1957USA15-L-D
Pharaoh's Curse1957USA09-D-D
Quatermass 21957UK01-I-D
The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent1957USA//
The Seventh Seal1957Sweden14-Q-A
She Devil1957USA\/
Spook Chasers1957USA04-I-D
Swamp of the Lost Monsters1957Mexico09-F-D
Throne of Blood1957Japan09-I-D
The Undead1957USA15-Q-D
The Unknown Terror1957USA15-Q-D
The Vampire1957USA09-G-D
Voodoo Island1957USA17-L-D
Voodoo Woman1957USA18-W-D
Zombies of Mora Tau1957USA04-K-D
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman1958USA11-C-D
Attack of the Puppet People1958USA13-H-V
The Aztec Mummy Against the Humanoid Robot1958Mexico//
The Blob1958USA13-G-V
Blood of the Vampire1958UK07-F-D
The Brain Eaters1958USA12-O-D
Bride of the Gorilla1958USA03-B-C
Corridors of Blood1958UK18-K-D
Curse of the Faceless Man1958USA10-Q-D
The Day the Sky Exploded1958Italy02-H-D
The Electronic Monster1958UK16-G-D
The Fiend Without a Face1958UK18-K-D
The Flame Barrier1958USA\/
The Fly1958USA14-I-A
Frankenstein 19701958USA03-B-C
Frankenstein's Daughter1958USA12-K-D
Giant from the Unknown1958USA18-K-D
The Haunted Strangler1958UK10-J-D
High School Hellcats1958USA11-G-D
Horror of Dracula1958UK11-I-D
How to Make a Monster1958USA05-G-D
I Bury the Living1958USA18-B-D
I Married a Monster from Outer Space1958USA//
The Invisible Man in Mexico1958Mexico\/
It Happened in Broad Daylight1958Switzerland\/
It: The Terror from Beyond Space1958USA10-Q-D
The Magician1958Sweden13-J-A
Mansion of the Ghost Cat1958Japan14-I-A
Monster on the Campus1958USA06-P-D
Mysteries of Black Magic1958Mexico16-C-D
Naked in the Night1958Germany\/
Night of the Blood Beast1958USA03-B-C
The Oilyman Strikes Again1958Malaysia\/
Queen of Outer Space1958USA12-S-D
The Return of Dracula1958USA06-G-D
The Revenge of Frankenstein1958UK03-P-D
The Screaming Skull1958USA03-B-C
She Demons1958USA01-U-D
She Gods of Shark Reef1958USA03-B-C
The Snorkel1958UK18-B-D
Space Children1958USA07-B-D
The Strange World of Planet X1958USA04-C-D
Teenage Monster1958USA04-N-D
Teenagers Battle the Thing1958USA21-E-D
Terror in a Texas Town1958USA07-E-D
The Thing That Couldn't Die1958USA03-D-D
Touch of Evil1958USA04-J-D
The Trollenberg Terror1958UK10-R-D
The Vampire's Coffin1958Mexico12-G-D
War of the Colossal Beast1958UK17-L-D
War of the Satellites1958USA18-F-D
The Wild Women of Wongo1958USA03-B-C
The Woman Eater1958UK02-H-D
4D Man1959USA16-D-D
The Alligator People1959USA18-E-D
The Angry Red Planet1959USA12-I-D
Attack of the Giant Leeches1959USA03-B-C
The Bat1959USA03-B-C
Battle Beyond the Sun1959Russia//
Beast from Haunted Cave1959USA02-G-D
A Bucket of Blood1959USA03-R-D
Caltiki, the Immortal Monster1959Italy//
The Cosmic Man1959USA//
Curse of the Undead1959USA11-G-D
Date with Death1959USA03-B-C
The Day the Earth Froze1959Finland\/
Face of Fire1959Sweden\/
First Man Into Space1959UK18-B-D
The Fly 2: Return of the Fly1959USA10-S-D
The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake1959USA//
Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow1959USA15-N-D
The Ghost of Yotsuya1959Japan\/
The Giant Behemoth1959UK18-B-D
The Giant Gila Monster1959USA03-C-C
The Head1959Germany03-B-C
The Headless Ghost1959UK06-M-D
Hell in the City1959Italy\/
Hercules Unchained1959Italy03-B-C
The Hideous Sun Demon1959USA06-J-D
Horrors of the Black Museum1959USA15-R-D
The Hound of the Baskervilles1959UK14-M-A
House on Haunted Hill1959USA14-H-V
Invasion of the Animal People1959USA12-K-D
Invisible Invaders1959USA16-S-D
Island of Lost Women1959USA\/
Jack the Ripper1959UK09-I-D
The Killer Shrews1959USA03-C-C
The Living Coffin1959Mexico15-P-D
The Lonely Sex1959USA//
The Man and the Monster1959Mexico16-O-D
The Man Who Could Cheat Death1959UK17-W-D
The Manster1959USA12-G-D
The Monster of Piedras Blancas1959USA04-H-D
The Mummy1959UK11-K-D
Night of the Ghouls1959USA14-M-A
Plan 9 from Outer Space1959USA14-A-X
Santa Claus1959Mexico17-K-D
The Stranglers of Bombay1959USA18-B-D
Teenagers from Space1959USA03-B-C
Terror Is a Man1959Philippines04-E-D
The Tingler1959USA19-I-D
Uncle Was a Vampire1959Italy15-Q-D
The Wasp Woman1959USA03-B-C