I'm a guy who collects horror movies and made a website.

I do other stuff do too... like wrangle snakes, drink coffee, play hockey, perform recreational autopsies, and pass out copies of The Watchtower in over 600 different languages.

I live in the Eastern Time Zone. I'm old enough to know better, but too young to give a damn. I once got a Danish penny as change from a Mortal Kombat arcade machine. It had a hole in it. I'm a ninja from the future and I can fly. While born a white, human, male it is 2018 and individuals can identify themselves however they like. Transgender, transracial, transformer, whatever. As such, I am transpecies and identify as a pigeon. Coooo!

I'm a Trump-supporting socialist, an animal-hating vegan, a technophobic computer hacker, and a pious agnostic. I like some stuff, but I do not like dogs, babies, cake, bubbles, or football.

Here's a picture of me.

Sorry, ladies, I'm married. Have a nice day.